A、MX、CHAME record

        What is an A record? What is a MX record? What is a CNAME record?


      2011-12-20 Category:Technology
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      Google a few extremely dissatisfied about the experience (a)

        Google a few extremely dissatisfied about the experience (a)


        Could not help but curse Google.
        忍不住 咒骂 Google。

        As a Google fan, it is particularly angry ah.
        作为一个谷歌 粉丝,实在是特别气愤啊。

        Early this month, Google search suddenly found that "the search results page," "bottom," the second search box has been canceled. I am very angry now!
        这个月的月初,Google搜索猛然发现 “搜索结果页”“底部的”第二个 搜索框 取消了。到现在我很生气!

        Google hell. Change is a fool's advice, ah, said the search box at the bottom to go! Hell with Google, prior investigate, make a decision, can the user live. Every time people return to the top of a very angry, angry!
        谷歌见鬼去吧。是傻瓜提出的更改意见啊,底部搜索框说去就去!见鬼去吧 Google,事先调查一下,再做决定,才能 对住 用户。每次重新返回顶部 非常 让人愤怒, 生气!


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      2011.10.23又是一个周末Is a weekend,

        又是一个周末,Is a weekend,

        窗外下着大雨,秋天真冷啊,Out the window of the heavy rain, really cold autumn, ah,

        心冷,时常莫名的悲伤,为生活,为理想而迷茫,Heart cold, often inexplicable sadness, for life, for the ideal confused,


      2011-10-23 Category:Life
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      2011-10-13 Write the words in the new space!写在新空间的话!


        2011-10-13 to write the words in the new space!



        Today, the newly opened my domain, for a new space, but also from the WordPress blog application to replace China own Emlog program!
        Support for logging and micro-blog mode!


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