2018 is bound to be a beautiful start

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      2018 is bound to be a beautiful start

      Without success, only waiting to fail, once raised his hand, means a hard work, a full play, meaning a hardship, in the thick spring of 2018, high-spirited, sweat in the sun, let life Open the most dazzling flowers.

      The Golden Spring danced to the New Year, and everything was awake to the Spring Festival. The red lanterns hung high and the salute was brilliant. Red Dragonfly was posted on the side of the door, and the blessings came down in the middle. Friends and relatives barred the door and clung to He Chunnian. I wish my friends: The year of the monkey is a dragon leap and a tiger leap, and it is brave enough to brave the world. Accept the wealth of the Four Seas and make friends in five lakes.

      Happy yesterday, Happy today, Happy tomorrow, Happy every day; Fortune Monday, Good luck Tuesday, Peach Blossoms Wednesday, honorable Thursday, Harvest Friday, Saturday play, Everyday good mood!

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