Google a few extremely dissatisfied about the experience (a)

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      Google a few extremely dissatisfied about the experience (a)

      Could not help but curse Google.
      忍不住 咒骂 Google。

      As a Google fan, it is particularly angry ah.
      作为一个谷歌 粉丝,实在是特别气愤啊。

      Early this month, Google search suddenly found that "the search results page," "bottom," the second search box has been canceled. I am very angry now!
      这个月的月初,Google搜索猛然发现 “搜索结果页”“底部的”第二个 搜索框 取消了。到现在我很生气!

      Google hell. Change is a fool's advice, ah, said the search box at the bottom to go! Hell with Google, prior investigate, make a decision, can the user live. Every time people return to the top of a very angry, angry!
      谷歌见鬼去吧。是傻瓜提出的更改意见啊,底部搜索框说去就去!见鬼去吧 Google,事先调查一下,再做决定,才能 对住 用户。每次重新返回顶部 非常 让人愤怒, 生气!

      I try to replace the Google search language, change the country, "over the wall" (GFW) out, without exception, are only seen at the bottom of a Google search box elements! ! !
      我尝试更换 谷歌搜索语言,更改国家,“翻墙”(GFW)出去无一例外的看到的 都是只有底部的一个搜素框 的谷歌!!!

      The more you use the more angry, more bitter with the more they want to beat them to the Google engineers meal! ! !
      越用越生气,越用越想 狠狠的给Google工程师 打他们一顿!!!

      Ignorance of Google

      Now you really sure that users do not need to turn in the bottom of the search results page you can find a satisfactory result?
      现在 你们真的确信用户在搜索结果页 不需要翻到底部就可以 找到满意的结果?

      Like Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" as to my feelings is to rely on luck, the idea of ​​gambling is not for everyone!
      就如同Google “手气不错” 一样,给我的感受 是依靠运气,赌博的理念,并不适合所有人!

      Angry! ! !

      2 on "in a new browser window displays the query results."

      Fool's settings, there is a long time.

      Login account when not checked by default, meaning that when you search on the results page, click on a result not want to go and found the content of readily closed, and the search has just shut down smoothly. . . Also need to re-open, re-search!
      在不登录帐号的时候 默认是 勾选的,也就是说你搜索的时候在结果页,点击一条结果 进去后发现 不是想要的内容,随手关闭了,而刚才的搜索也 顺手关闭了。。。还需要再次打开,重新搜索!

      Again, the satire Google, Google contempt again, my friends do not want to use Google's reasons, why can not the default in a new window opens?
      再次,怒骂 谷歌,再次 鄙视 谷歌,我的朋友 不愿意使用Google的原因,为什么 就不能 默认在新窗口打开?

      This is the idea of ​​a fool, idiot man-made one-time search results the user can click on the right, not multiple choice?
      这也是傻瓜的想法,白痴的人为 搜索结果 用户就能一次性的点击正确 ,不会多次选择?

      In a new environment, open a Google search on the need to set up "" in a new browser window displays the query results. " Irritable! Again, I think that Google engineers are an idiot, a moron would so do it! This is a kind of "I'm Feeling Lucky," the fool continues! 
      在一个新的环境,打开Google搜索 就需要先设置“ “在新的浏览器窗口中显示查询结果。”烦躁!我再次认为Google工程师是 白痴,白痴才会这么去做!这个也是一种“手气不错”的傻瓜 延续!

      Deserve, the respect that you do not understand our users, so in the Chinese market is very bad, I remember Kai-fu Lee once said want to remove the "I'm Feeling Lucky" but did not succeed. . .
      活该,你们不懂的尊重我们用户,所以在中国市场很差劲, 我记得以前 李开复 就曾经说过 想要去除“手气不错”但是没成功。。。

      Your idea, I support, and now these very user-friendly experience that I am angry!
      你们的理念,我很支持,现在的这些很不友好的用户体验 是我很生气的!

      Rest, I will continue to improve,

      Love deep, deeper more unpopular! ! !