Why Programmers dont have a High Social Status?

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        Although I am not a programmer


        Up to date there is No single street name for a top programmer or computer scientist in any of the Top 20 most developed countries in the world during the last 60 years.

        There is no statue built in the center of a major city for a renown programmer or computer scientists.

        No “Presidential Medal” or “Congressional Gold Medal” has been awarded to a computer scientists or programmer.

        There is no nationally televised social reward ceremony for computer programmers and scientists like there is for artists, football or basketball players, etc.

        There is no red carpet and Nobel price award ceremony-like for their achievements, and contribution to the progress of humanity.


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      Today,only looked blankly,watching. . .

        Today,only looked blankly,watching. . .

        And I know why I had to see why the faith and continuing to do, but now? From 10 months ago on the hollow. . Today, only looked blankly, watching. . .


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