Blacklist, no less than give

        Last month, one of my closest friends: jinxiaz, leave me, I entered her Blacklist.


        Our relationship can be said is very pure, very ambiguous, I have not put her as a girlfriend.

        Two days before the Lunar New Year, the day before I Holiday, I was completely deleted.

        To this end, I wrote two pages to an already open, one continues to improve.

        Tangle, sympathy and affection, no less than give!

        What can I say?
      2012-2-24 Category:Sentiment
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      Or difficult to forget...記憶與否?。

        Or difficult to forget...

        Well, we have nearly a week without contact the
        Although I am every day, also went to your microblogging see if you updated to use the tool to check your status
        I am sad that I even do?


      2012-2-3 Category:Sentiment
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